USDA Loan Income Limit: How Much Can You Make ?

How much money do I have to make for a USDA loan?

Very nice homeThe United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) offers home loans with zero down payment and no private mortgage insurance to low- and moderate-income borrowers in rural areas.

The maximum income limit for a USDA loan depends on the household size and location. In general, the maximum household income for a USDA loan is 115% of the median household income for the area. However, the income limit may be higher in areas with high housing costs or high median incomes.

Income limits for USDA loans vary by county. You can use the USDA Income Eligibility Site on the USDA website to find the income limit for your county.

USDA loans are available to borrowers with credit scores of 640 or higher. However, borrowers with credit scores below 640 may still be eligible, depending on the borrower's circumstances.

Maximum Income for a USDA Loan

The United States Department of Agriculture has both state and national income limits for its home loan program. These income limits are designed to assist borrowers who are at or below the median income for their area.

As of 2022, the maximum household income for a USDA loan is $91,900 for 1 to 4 member households. For properties of 5-8 members, the income limit is $121,300.

This limit is increased in high-cost areas such as New York City and Los Angeles.

Borrowers applying for USDA loans must demonstrate that their income is below the limit for their area. Income can be derived from a variety of sources, including wages, Social Security, pensions, dividends, and alimony.

The USDA also offers loan guarantees to eligible borrowers who have a low income but who do not meet the income limit. These guarantees can help borrowers secure financing from a private lender.

The USDA loan program is one of the few government-backed mortgage programs available to people with low or moderate incomes. The program offers competitive interest rates and no down payment requirements.

Rotating question markFrequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Does USDA have a purchase price limit?
A. The USDA does not have a purchase price limit

Q. Can I roll closing costs into my mortgage?
A. It may be possible to include the closing costs with the loan amount, provided that the appraised value is high enough to cover the closing costs.

Q. Can I get a USDA loan on a second home or investment property?
A. Unfortunately, the USDA does not offer financing for second homes or investment properties.


The USDA Income Limit for a Guaranteed Loan is 115% of the Area Median Income. However, the Area Median Income changes depending on where you live. You can use the USDA Income Limit Calculator to figure out the Income Limit for your specific area.